“RELATIONEM” is the latin world to say “RELATION”


As a live chat service provider,

our core competency is to engage and manage your e-relations in the best ways.
From visitors care to customers care, we put our expertise and passion in every interaction to get great and long-term relations.



“Fluent” English, French, German, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese capabilities for Shared services and 15 europeans languages availability for dedicated team services.

Cost efficient

With our live chat agents’ team based in Belgrade, you can save up to 50 % compared to Western providers, without comprising the quality and the cultural gap.

Social media friendly

We take care of your live chat support as well as the inbound messages coming from the 2 biggest social media: Facebook & Twitter.

+ We propose different delivery, engagement & pricing models.

Shared | Dedicated

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  • Stephane Guillemin
    Stephane Guillemin CEO

    After 15 years’ experience in the BPO & ITO industry, learning multitude of processes, Stéphane decided to focus on one “pure player” process with a unique selling value proposition.

    His strong experience in the Call Centre industry from the Philippines, Indian Ocean and Eastern Europe countries gives us a strong knowledge for implementing quality processes on the operations & a strategy to follow for our live chat support business.

  • Charlene Bargain
    Charlene Bargain Business developer English market

    Charlene is a sales representative with 10 years’ in the Call Centre industry from the USA. She decided to move to the offshore/nearshore world a few years ago and joined our team based in Belgrade.

    She is responsible of the North American, Canadian and British customers and speaks fluent English, French and Dutch.

  • William Clerc
    William Clerc Business developer

    William is a truly enthusiastic person and a strong sales manager with 6 years’ experience in the BPO industry.

    As a business developer for the French market, he manages the implementation of live chat support & live chat team in the following markets: France, Benelux, Switzerland and Quebec.
    He is a native French speaker and fluent in English.

  • Alekska Dragovich
    Alekska Dragovich Project manager & Supervisor

    8 Years’ experience in customer support.

    English, French and German languages.

  • Nina Jankovic
    Nina Jankovic Senior live chat agent

    4 Years’ experience in customer support.

    English & Italian languages.

  • Mira Gasparovic
    Mira Gasparovic Junior Chat agent

    2 Years’ experience in customer support.

    English & Portuguese languages.

  • Ana	Jovanovich
    Ana Jovanovich Senior chat agent

    6 Years’ experience in customer support.

    English & Spanish languages.

  • jelena Klema
    jelena Klema Senior chat agent

    5 Years’ experience in customer support.

    English & french languages.

  • Sandra Grahovac
    Sandra Grahovac Senior chat agent

    5 Years’ experience in customer support.

    English & French languages